Ok Everybody
Start by watching this to loosen up
I can't wait for the Oprah interview with lance. Not really. I'll be ok with the highlights. Lance must be hurting for money. I dont own a tv and i'm not going to target to buy one for this either. WILL HE CRY?
I never was a big Lance fan but he was a good racer. Do we have any Americans who are exciting to watch since Lances departure? NO!!
We have good time trialist and all rounders. BORING!  All the suspended washed up Americans can retire for all I care .  Where are the great climbers??   Explosive ,attacking climbers.  Are they only in Europe? 
Oh yeh can't wait for the the coverage of the  USA cross NATS. Maybe this year there will be 2 cameras. Could it be more frustrating than what the coverage has been for the last 2 years. All the cameras seem to be at the finish only. I really hope something is different for the Worlds otherwise we will be the laughing stock of the Cross world. Oh ! How in the hell did Louisville get the bid anyway.  Dont we have other cities with a richer cross history?   
On another noet i did a great ride in Marin today and life is good

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